Where Can I Find the Engrams in Destiny 2

Where Can I Find the Engrams in Destiny 2

Engrams are items that decrypt into weapons, armor, and gear. You will find engrams as you play Destiny 2 in various activities. Engrams can also be purchased from Master Rahool at the Tower.

Master Rahool is a cryptarch who deals with decoding engrams. He can be found in the northeastern area of The Tower between Dead Orbit and The Speaker. He can decrypt engrams you have discovered, provided you have enough Glimmer.

Engram decryption requires a small amount of glimmer. Engrams can be deconstructed for a small source of glimmer if they are not items you want to equip or trade to other players.

How to unlock umbral engrams destiny 2

All you need to do is unlock the nightfall by beating it on normal, then you can buy the hidden items from Xur using strange coins. This ill be updated in more detail when i get home.

When you complete a mission on Mars or the EDZ, random enemies have a chance to drop an item called an engram. Engrams decrypt into a piece of armour or weapon that is appropriate for your level.

Engram Light Level Requirements

The level requirements to decode engrams can be found in the inventory menu and on each one of them: Crucible and Vanguard items will always decode at 30, while other items like weapons and armor require you to meet an item level.

Description Engram Light Value Igniting Strike 300 Sword of Flame 550 Igniting Brand (Auto Rifle) 400 Blaze of Fire (Scout Rifle) 750 Coiled Hiss 1919 (Pulse Rifle) 290 Volatile Launch 1014 (Rocket Launcher) 600 Scatter Spray 383 (Submachine Gun) 550 Venomous Clip 529 (Hand Cannon) 500 Full Auto Trigger House 890 (Auto Rifle) 390.

Where Can I Find Legendary Engrams in Destiny 2?

Legendary engrams decrypt into items between levels 20 and 30, with the most common ones being 23 or 24. They’re a great way to gear up once you hit level cap. Here’s where you can find them:

  • Public events take place in the open world, where any player in the same zone can join in. You’ll usually get better loot if you complete them with other players, but they’re way easier when you go in solo. Just fast travel to a destination and keep an eye out for two big yellow triangles on your map. If another player is in the same zone as you, a prompt will appear asking if you want to join them. Engrams almost always drop from completing public events, and there’s no limit on how many times you can repeat the same event.
  • When you find a region chest, it’ll be marked on your map with a gold star. Head over to the area it’s located, then look for a prompt that tells you to open your map. Doing so will let you follow the treasure map icon to the chest. It’ll be guarded by some enemies, but they should be much easier to take down than major bosses or other players in Crucible matches, especially if you’re playing solo. Engrams are another guaranteed drop for opening region chests, so make sure to scour the area before you go.
  • When you find a Lost Sector in Destiny 2, it’ll be marked on your map with a skull icon. Fast travel to that location and follow the marker until you find the entrance. Once inside, kill off all of the enemies and make sure you pick up everything they drop. Once you’ve done that, the prompt will appear at the end of your gun to place a flag and summon a large boss. You’ll need to put in some real effort to take it down normally, but there’s an easy trick: just run around while firing wildly until you’re out of ammo, then pop a couple of grenades to do some serious damage. You’ll get an engram for killing the boss, plus another one for vanquishing all Lost Sectors in each planet.


These are the most common places to find engrams in Destiny 2. Note that it’s always a good idea to complete Public Events in a group, and you’ll have a much easier time with major encounters if you’re in a fireteam. If possible, try to leave one or two enemies alive for when everyone is ready to take on the final boss, but if that’s not an option then just focus on keeping your distance.

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